Our Refuse Collection Device (RCD) has gone from prototype to working in just two months, it floats and changes direction with current and wind, facing the incoming rubbish and trapping it in the 30 litre basket ready for removal.

Since being launched on 24th December it has captured 240 kilograms of rubbish, it was removed for some modifications to its mooring configuration on the 5th Jan 2017 and was back in and doing its job within the week 

Our prototype pentagon RCD was launched in March 2017 and has proven to work in areas where the tidal flow alters or has eddies, the five independant gates open to let the rubbish in and close to stop it leaving

Our newest pentagon RCD is has a 2.5 metre wide pentagon and holds over 100kg of refuse, it has been full almost every day since its launch in mid 2017. We are also playing with a budget basket RCD made from an orange crate, it uses two oil absorbent booms to direct the refuse into the basket, so it cleans up hydrocarbons as well as refuse.

The 3D PDF files below show our latest creation, the modular flat pack version of our Refuse Collection Device (RCD) more to come