Our small electric boat travels around your waterway quietly removing the plastic, hydrocarbons and other waste and rubbish that detracts from the beauty of your marina. We clean as early or late as the weather and lighting permits so as to not interfere with the day-to-day comings and goings of your members and other vessels.

Eco 1 is powered by an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 electric outboard ensuring there is no atmospheric or water pollution and, no noise. In cleaning mode she cruises at around 1-2 knots or just under 4km per hour. 

 Cleanamarina uses custom manufactured nets from Extreme Sails and Canvas in Fremantle that have a weave size just right to catch the plastic and bags and cigarette butts that litter our waterways without harming fish or other wildlife that can end up caught by the gills in conventional nets.

 We use oil absorbent booms and pads from Global Spill Control  and regularly consult with them on the latest products and techniques for the removal of hydrocarbons and pollutants from the water.

Envirosorb [KT2] [ML3] is an Australian made product comprising of primarily polypropylene. It has exceptional oil/fuel absorbency and being hydrophobic it repels water and is oleophillic - basically it hates water but loves oil and other hydrocarbons.

Each 3 metre Envirosorb boom trailed behind Eco 1 has a capacity of 41 litres. The absorption rate varies according to the condition of the marina but typically we pick up around one to two litres of hydrocarbons per hour as we cruise around. Add to this an average refuse recovery rate of around two kilograms per hour of plastic, straws, cups and cigarette butts and it really does amount to a massive clean-up, jn a very cost effective manner.