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$1000 Donation

$ 1000 AUD

Your very generous donation of AU $1000 (approx US $707) will take around 266 kg (587 pounds) of refuse from the water it might be used towards a RCD device or to buy equipment for cleaning up the waterways, it also might buy 1500 stainless steel straws that will raise even more money to do waterway cleaning, We will let you know personally how we use your donation.

$100 donation

$ 100 AUD

Your AU $100 (approx US$ 71) donation will take around 27 kg (59 lbs) of plastic and other refuse from our waterways

$30 donation

$ 30 AUD

Your AU $30 (around US $21) donation will take around 8kg (17.5 pounds) of refuse from our waterways and employ someone to do the cleaning as well. $30 donors will receive a signed and numbered Certificate of Appreciation (PDF via email so we don't use plastic or kill any trees for the paper) and be added to our Donors and Supporters page. Thanks for your support

$10 Donation

$ 10 AUD

Your generous donation of AU $10 (around US $7) and it will 100% go to paying people to remove refuse, a $10 donation will pull around 2.5kg (5.5 pounds) of refuse from our waterways

$5 Donation

$ 5 AUD

Just donate AU $5 (around US $3.50) and you will help pull 1kg (2.2 pounds) of harmful refuse from our oceans