Our Directors and Staff

Mark Loader - Managing Director and Operations Manager - Mark has 49 years of marine experience, Vessel Interception and High Speed Trained, past Marine Officer, Regional Transport Officer and Transport Warden with the Department of Transport, past Marine Safety Inspector (Marine Safety, AMSA National Law), RYA Yacht Master, Coxswain 1, International Certificate of Competency (RYA) qualified Port Security Officer, Shoreline Oil Spill Leader, trained in the Oil Spill National Plan, Chemical Spills and Health and Safety in Oil Spills. Mark has been delivering vessels around Australia and around the world for over 20 years and has accumulated over 250,000 nautical miles on the ocean.

Kevyn Townley - Director - Kevyn has been involved in consultancy for the mining sector and has a business management and accounting background. As founder and CEO of the Little Ferry Company as well as being an experienced commercial skipper, combined with his business knowledge and management experience gives Cleanamarina an asset to be envied by others in the industry.

Rory Burrows - Skipper, Rory has been involved in the construction Industry for many years as a sub contractor carpet installer. Has been boating since he was old enough to swim. Rory has always had a keen passion for the conservation of the marine environment. Rory holds A Diploma in Marine Studies, as well as diving tickets and various other maritime qualifications (Coxswain, ESS, Firefighting etc). Rory also spent several years at the Abrolhos Islands crayfishing on various vessels as well as living abroad In Ireland in 2014/2015 where he worked in an RNLI recognised coastguard organisation out of Waterford city.

Tim DalySkipper and Marine Biologist, Tim has worked in the marine industry for 40 years, as a vessel skipper and manager, doing yacht deliveries around the world and working under contract for 20 years as manager of vessel and diving operations with Conservation and Land Management undertaking water testing, analysis, collection of samples and protection of Western Australia's waterways, flora and fauna 

Leszek Maciejewski (Les is easier to say) - Skipper - Born in Poland and starting his marine life there, Les competed in K1 and K2 kayaking and sailed dinghys and windsurfers, before he sought the need for warmer waters and moved to Western Australia where he started sailing and delivering offshore racing yachts. Les has a Bachelor in Mining Engineering and holds a First Class Mine Managers Ticket and has managed mines in Poland and Saudi Arabia, he brings to Cleanamarina a wealth of engineering, marine and safety compliance experience as well as  extensive experience in  managing and handling vessels. Les completed his Exemption 38 training in 2016

Lachlan Hogg - Skipper - Lachlan has been working with Cleanamarina as a skipper since early 2017 and is currently studying for his Teaching Degree

Phillip Mofflin - Skipper - Phil has been working with Cleanamarina since early 2017 and has recently started skippering Eco 1 since his completion of his AMSA Exemption 38 training and exam with Perth Boat School

  Our Aims:

  • To help reduce the amount of plastics and pollution in our marinas, rivers, lakes and estuaries
  • To have the lowest carbon footprint that we can manage
  • To assist in the education of people and cultures about being more accountable and responsible in the use and disposal of plastics and other waste
  • To have pristine and pollution free waterways that put us out of business
  • To profit though integrity