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1st August 2016 - Cleanamarina commenced daily cleaning of Elizabeth Quay with the modified vessel Eco 1. Each morning just after sunrise Eco 1 cruises quietly around the quay cleaning up rubbish and hydrocarbons

1st January 2017 - Cleaning Elizabeth Quay continues, we have removed now over 2.5 tonnes of dead sea grass, algae, plastic, cigarette butts, cups, dead blowfish, 13 syringes, a table, milk crates, life rings, several large propeller damaging pieces of timber, bags, balloons, shoes, thongs (with barnacles attached), a couple of handbags and a wallet (returned to their owners) , a very expensive racing pushbike (also returned to the owner).

We have put back all of the jelly fish, saved three oblong turtles by relocating them to propeller free water, taken photos of cormorants, darters, dolphins and other sea life and we believe made a real impact on the cleanliness of Elizabeth Quay and the beautiful Swan River.

1st March 2017 we have passed 6 tonnes of refuse and going strong, we learn more each day about the environment, weed and rubbish movements, seagrass, algae and put the knowledge to good use modifying our cleaning times and locations and developing better equipment to manage the river cleanup

1st March 2018, 10 tonnes and climbing Interview with Ollie on 6PR Local Legends 2nd March 2018

December 2018 - 13 tonnes now and another RCD has been installed at Mandurah Ocean Marina has been operating successfully for a year, and we have another one being manufactured for Queensland.

January 2019 - First sea trials of our new remote control recuse collector boat, all good so far just need greater battery capacity to extend cleaning time, going for 2 x 5000mAh Lithium batteries.