Community events like Paddles Against Plastic,are run by Ocean Crusaders and will be supported by Cleanamarina and are assisted by the generosity of the companies below, please show your support for them by using their products and spreading the word about these wonderful organisations, please click on the company logo to visit their website.

One of our goals is to run more community events in WA , like the very successful ones started by Ocean Crusaders in Queensland -  Paddle Against Plastic . Onestraw and Cleanamarina have already runs several beach cleanups and have plans for cleanups at The Marina - Mindarie and Two Rocks Marina

These events encourage people to come down and engage with their own waterways on paddle craft of any type. We plan to have our own fleet of six kayaks, that we bring to the events, so you can book one to use if you don’t have a craft of your own.

We will provide collection bags, pick sticks, life jackets for users of our kayaks, and we will have a small support vessel, with two of our crew aboard , made of recycled plastic, with a solar charged electric outboard motor, that will act as our safety vessel and to assist with larger items as required. Please bring sunscreen, insect repellent, water, and life jackets if you are bringing your own paddle craft. Stay tuned for our first event, we already have some sponsors.

We will do an audit of the refuse collected and make the data available on our website for all to see.