Our modified Craig Cat, nets out and hydrocarbon boom towed behind. TheCraig Catcombined with the hi-tech ePropulsion Technology Limited 1kw electric outboard is Cleanamarina's ideal choice of equipment

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3  good reasons why you should utilize our waterway cleaning services
Experience in the Industry

Our two directors have over 75 years of combined experience in the marine industry, from managing harbours for the Department of Transport to being involved in oil spill training and cleanups, delivering vessels around the world and as competitive sailors on the Swan River and in yacht races around the world  

Genuine Concern for the Environment

The idea for the development of a marina specific cleaning company came from observing the amount of rubbish and hydrocarbons in and around marinas that the directors have worked in. Despite the management of marinas doing all they conceive they can to reduce the amount of rubbish that accidentally ends up in the marina it still ends up out of control without the services that Cleanamarina provide. 

Our Carbon Footprint is as Small as We Can Make It

Our solar charged electric outboards are as small as we can make them to negate the need to plug in to the grid unless absolutely necessary to charge up. We couldn't see the point in cleaning up hydrocarbons from harbours and contributing to the hydrocarbons as we went by using a conventional outboard motor, it would be like littering and then charging to clean it up. 

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